Talking about my last and future holidays/vacations

In this episode you practice simple past tense and future with be + going to


Hello.  I’m Janine.  I’m fifty years old.  I’ve got brown eyes and short, curly black hair.  I’m a perfectionist who likes doing things well.  However, I’m also a bit absent-minded, so I need to be very meticulous with some of the things I do, especially when it involves work.

I live in Spain but am originally from Cape Town in South Africa.

Cape Town is a big, beautiful, cosmopolitan city at the tip of the African continent.  This modern and exciting metropolis is home to almost five million people.

In Spain, I am an English teacher at a public primary school.  I work about 70km from my home and carpool with one of my colleagues who also lives in my town.  I teach from 9 o’clock to 2pm and arrive home at 3 o’clock.  When I get home, my husband is usually preparing lunch and my children are doing their homework.  The rest of the day is taken up with work-related or domestic tasks.

As a family, we work very hard during the school year so we always try to do something interesting during the summer holidays.

Last year, we went to Italy.  It was an amazing trip.  We went by ferry and by car.  It was fascinating.  We visited Florence where we saw Michelangelo’s marble sculpture of David in Academia Gallery of Florence.  We spent four days in Rome visiting some of its most famous landmarks like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel, the Forum Romanum and the Spanish Steps.  We also visited Assisi and drove south to Pompeii which I had wanted to visit since I was a child.  We also ate authentic Italian pizza and swam in the Adriatic Sea.

Next year, we are going to visit some friends of ours in the South of France.  We’ll be staying in a small town near Montpellier.  We plan on going by car so that we can explore the area.  We would like to spend as much time at the beach as possible.  So, we’ll probably visit lots of coastal towns where there are long, sandy beaches.

We’ve seen pictures of Carcasonne which is a fortified city not far from Toulouse.  From what I’ve read, it is a World Heritage site and is well-worth visiting.

As we will be staying near Montpellier, we’ll definitely be spending some time there.  Friends who’ve been say it is a big modern, multicultural city with lots to do and many good places to eat.

We might visit Aigues Morte which is about 30km from Montpellier.  It is a walled town which dates back to the 13th century.  I’ve read that it has lots of shops and restaurants and has a lively atmosphere, especially in the summer months.

Since we are going in summer, we want to be able to swim as well.  There is a beautiful medieval village called Saint Guilhem le Desert.  It is situated in the rugged countryside of Herault Gorges.  You get there by crossing the Pont du Diable.  Below there is a river beach which is popular with bathers.