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Learn or improve your language skills in English, French or Spanish with our online interactive training courses.

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Take private or group courses, we offer tailor-made language training courses with experienced teachers.

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Doc’ Langues is a company specialized in language trainings, which invites you to enjoy total immersion language courses for any level and all age groups in France and other locations. And with our online language training platform NEO, you can stay connected to learn a language from anywhere, and at your own pace. 

Learn a Foreign Language Effectively

What You Want

Diverse target language learning resources at your disposal. Training courses arranged by level, topic, with specific objectives, and fun and interactive exercises.

Whenever You Want

Learn your target language from anywhere, your workplace or home. You manage the pace, your schedule, the place, just connect to your online language doctor ‘Doc’Langues’.

With a Professional Team

An international and experienced team of teachers proposes a dynamic and tailor-made teaching method.

Quality Services

Our polyglot team also proposes translation services for your documents and websites.


French <=> English

jouer <-> play

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