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Learn or improve your language skills in English, French or Spanish with our online interactive training courses.

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Take private or group courses, we offer tailor-made language training courses with experienced teachers.

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Your Connected Linguistic Doctor

Doc’ Langues is a company specialized in language trainings in English, Spanish and French as foreign languages. We are located in the South of France, created in 2010 by teachers with more than 20 years of experience teaching languages. Doc’Langues offers you online classes for general or specific purposes such as preparing you to take a standardized test like TOEIC for English, DELE for Spanish or DELF for French. You can stay connected to learn a language from anywhere, and progress at your pace. Doc’Langues is your connected doctor in languages.



Language training courses online with unlimited access, whenever you want and from anywhere. Manage the pace of your learning and have a virtual class with a teacher to consolidate, practice or clarify when needed. NEO a language training which adapts to any language level.

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An English, Spanish or French tailor-made language program for individuals or companies.

Available only in France: with a flexible Schedule, the training adapts to your busy agenda. Prices from 190€ up to 390€ for 10 hours of language training. Take advantage of our special rates for groups or our special loyalty program rates, the more you study with us, the less you pay per hour.

Fully flexible: 30 minute sessions, on a wide range of general or specific subjects. Our prices start at 12€ and are up to 20€ for 30 a minute session. Contact us for a quote.

In-company classes combined with by phone and/or online classes for a very effective and flexible language training. Contact us for a detailed quote. Available only in Hérault.


If you are looking for courses to prepare for a specific objective such as pronunciation, business, marketing, talking on the phone, dealing with customers, keeping your business contacts, prepare for a conference , or prepare for an specific test like TOEIC, TOEFL, DILF, DELF, DALF, DELE, then Doc’Langues is your connected linguistic doctor.

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Solutions to finance your training

Vous former grace au CPF

According to the balance in your personal professional training account CPF in French, you can finance up to 100%  of your language training course. Check your CPF account to know your acquired rights.

Pôle emploi

If you are unemployed. Seek help from your personal counsellor from the unemployment agency to finance your language training course.


If you are an employee. Seek help from the OPCO of the field you work for to finance a language training course for professionalization.

Learn a Foreign Language Effectively


What You Want

Diverse target language learning resources at your disposal. Training courses arranged by level, topic, with specific objectives, and fun and interactive exercises.


Whenever You Want

Learn your target language from anywhere, your workplace or home. You manage the pace, your schedule, the place, just connect to your online language doctor ‘Doc’Langues’.


With a Professional Team

An international and experienced team of teachers proposes a dynamic and tailor-made teaching method.


Quality Services

Our polyglot team also proposes translation services for your documents and websites.

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