Linguistic holidays for children

Doc’ Langues also proposes linguistic holidays for the youngest of the house. Exposure to a foreign language early in their development gives children the best opportunity to acquire the skill with ease and spontaneity. Children imitate the melody, sounds and rhythm of the target language without realizing they are learning a new language. Doc’ Langues’ objective is oral communication in a dynamic, enjoyable and engaging environment.

International linguistic camping-sites in France allow for English, Spanish, and French immersion without ever leaving France for children from 7 to 14. The children have language classes in their target language along with bilingual cultural, hands-on activities and sport practice in the afternoon.

For adolescents from 14 to 18 and young adults 18 to 21, Doc’ Langues also proposes an overseas living language experience, always in an enjoyable and engaging environment, combining learning and fun. Our Linguistic Holiday program is a combination of holiday and language learning, the participant lives in a host family and shares their lives while enjoying an unique experience.

For school groups: elementary, middle or high, Doc’ Langues organizes  tailor-made, in total immersion linguistic stays. In Spain: Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Salamanca, in France: La Grande Motte, Montpellier, Sete, Carcassonne, Sommieres… Are you interested in a cultural and linguistic exchange with an oversea school for your class? Doc’ Langues makes it possible.  You decide the type of accommodation: in a host family, hotel, camp-site… you choose the most suitable program for your group or class and for your budget and Doc’ Langues organizes everything for you, always combining learning and fun accompanied by professional teachers.

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