E-Learning, by Phone Training and Tutorial

Online, by Phone Course and Tutorials

A completely flexible program, our language training is available by phone or online via Skype in 30-minute sessions on a topic of your choice. Whether you want general language instruction or training for a specific personal or work-related need, we can help.

The training includes a level test, an analysis of your needs, a tailor-made program, a mutually agreed upon plan with the trainer, an unlimited access to Doc’ Langues’ online language training resources, and the possibility to work on your own work-related topics, and an end-of- the program evaluation to benchmark your progress.

Blended-training and Tutorials:

This type of training is a combination of the face-to-face training and online or by-phone courses. This training provides the flexibility of choosing the frequency of the online courses as a support to the more traditional communicative environment. (This type of training is offered in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. If you are interested, please contact us for a detailed quote)

Doc’ Langues offers you the opportunity to choose the training format and type of course which best suit your needs and your company. Choose from online courses via Skype, by phone, or combine your training with the face-to-face format and distance classes.

Some Advantages of E-learning:

Frequency and Flexibility

You decide the place, the pace and frequency you dedicate to your training, respecting your personal and professional engagements. A compromise with a timeframe and a timetable in mutual agreement with your trainer is required in order to achieve your language objectives.

It is a language training that suits all language levels, as well as workers, employees and managers.

For you:

  • A tailor-made program
  • Free access to the online learning resources
  • A personalized follow-up by a trainer

For your company:

  • A quick and easy language training program to put in place
  • No implementation fees
  • No travel stipends or absences to participate in the language training

Blended-learning Advantages:

  • Face-to-face courses are less intensive and short
  • More efficient
  • More flexible for the participant
  • An easier way to implement previous knowledge and follow-ups which positively affect the face-to-face courses
  • A cost efficient program
  • A richer language training

Tutorial Advantages:

  • Quick answers to questions
  • Increased motivation
  • Decreased learner’s loneliness

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