Rates for translation

English – Spanish – French

1 – Non-certified documents

  • The minimum rate is €20.
1.1 – This price includes :
(240 words /or 30 lines)
1.2 – Rate increase:

25% Increase for technical words

50% Increase for urgent delivery (24h) for 2500 words per day



Rate Increase Based on the Document Format

Type of format Increase
Documents with tables, charts, graphs and images. +10%
Unusual formats such as Excel, HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Quark, PageMaker, Data Bank … +25%


Rate Decrease for long translations:

We offer a translation decrease from 0.05 to 0.11 cts per word for long translations. Contact us for a quote.


2 – Website translation or Proofreading:

Up to 5 pages = 150 euros

Up to 10 pages = 250 euros

We apply the same rate increase based on difficulty, format and delivery date to the websites.



Download this document   pdf