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If you are expanding, outsourcing or have clients abroad, Doc' langues can help you with your project. Do not let communication problems ruin your chances to succeed. Your project is ours. Let us help you overcome the language barriers: presentations, policies, contracts, websites, recordings, etc...


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for Languages.


English – Spanish – French

1 - Non-certified documents

  • The minimum rate is €20.
1.1 - This price includes :
(240 words /or 30 lines)
1.2 - Rate increase:

25% Increase for technical words

50% Increase for urgent delivery (24h) for 2500 words per day

Rate Increase Based on the Document Format

Type of formatIncrease
Documents with tables, charts, graphs and images.+10%
Unusual formats such as Excel, HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Quark, PageMaker, Data Bank ...+25%

Rate Decrease for long translations:

We offer a translation decrease from 0.05 to 0.11 cts per word for long translations. Contact us for a quote.

2 – Website translation or Proofreading:

Up to 5 pages = 150 euros

Up to 10 pages = 250 euros

We apply the same rate increase based on difficulty, format and delivery date to the websites.

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