Our Videos for the French Language 

Study French Grammar and Practice it

Doc'Langues presents some videos to clarify grammar points and role plays to practice them

Doc'Langues presents a funny video about the imperfect tense in French with a strange teacher


Spanish speaking students from the Spanish city Manresa visited Montpellier to practice French and Doc'Langues in collaboration with the European Institute made it possible with role plays and lots of imagination.


Exchange between France and Spain

A linguistic holiday is the perfect way to improve your language skills, whatever your language level is. Doc' Langues offers you interesting exchange programs which will adapt to your interest and wishes.

This video is just a souvenir of the exchange experience between Ntra. Sra. de Benaguacil Middle School from Benaguacil, Spain and the St. Roch from Montpellier, France. (2013-2014)


Two middle schools: one in France, the other in Spain, one exchange, two cultures, many smiles and lots of learning. (2011-2012)


The After School Program at the Elementary School Georges Bastide 2011-2014

After-school programs are great means to practice modern languages, through cultural and artistic activities. In this video, we see how French students ended up studying through hands-on activities, games, and lots of creativity, English and Spanish as foreign languages.

A grammar class, made by the students, in which they teach us how to conjugate simple present, compound past and future in French.


The after school students teach us English and Spanish through small sketches.


Talk French in less than a minute with Doc’ Langues

Enjoy short videos made by our students for beginners (level A1-A2)

Introduce yourself in French.


Ordering in a restaurant in French.


This video was produced by students from 8th and 9th grade from the Spanish Middle School Nuestra Sra. Benaguacil during their stay in La Grande Motte from May 2nd to May 6th, 2011 organized by Doc’Langues. Thanks to this project, done in 10 hours, the students practiced: the present tense, the future, the past, asking questions,and the negative form, among others… Enjoy it, because you’ll see they had lot of fun doing it!

Review French and have fun at the same time.