Discover Our Memories in Videos 

French speaking students from Cournonterral, whose target language is English, practiced it while creating a news show, with all their components such as weather forecasts, events and above all they had lots of fun.


French speaking students practiced their target language English by creating a news show full of FAKE NEWS, politically incorrect comments to represent somehow the absurdity of the world around us. The comments in this video do not represent the children neither Doc'Langues'points of view.


French speaking students practicing their target language English show us their hometown through this small film.


This is an animation video made with French speaking students aged from 5 to 11, during the school year 2011-2012, while practicing English.


The Making of a Spy Movie: French children from Carnon, a village in the South of France, next to the Mediterranean sea, who have been learning English for 4 years with Doc’Langues, have prepared for us this nice project for the school year 2013-2014. They did the scriptwriting, the story line, the plot and the filming, they had fun and practiced English.


A level A1 video done during the English immersion summer camp in Vicdessos in August 2010, the children are between 7 and 11 years old and their native language is French and Spanish.


One of our students, a 11 year-old girl, has prepared this nice video to practice her English, the music is “Mad ” from The Connected.


French children aged 5 to 11 from two cities in the south of France Carnon and Cournonterral, next to the Mediterranean sea, learned some English while writing the script and acting for a web T.V. (It is important to say that this is the product of a year of work, and even though you will notice some pronunciation problems and even some grammatical errors, the progress they made is outstanding, that is why we are proud to show it).


This video is an end of the year work, done by French children from 4 to 10 in Cournonterral, France. The children learned English through songs, theater and 21st Century technology and created for us a thriller, a mystery that must be resolved.


This is an end of the year product. French children from 4 to 10 in Carnon, France learned English through songs, theater and 21st Century technology and created for us a DREAM.


Children aged 7-11 from two villages in the south of France, next to the Mediterranean Sea, prepared this short film as an English language project. They created a fiction story about Mr. Pumpkin being jealous and angry with the farmers for not letting him be part of the farm, then Mr. Pumpkin decides to take revenge and hides the animals from the farm in a forest. And finally, he makes a soup with them and the farmers make a Pumpkin pie with Mr. Pumpkin. The children expressed themselves, had fun and practiced some English.